Introduction to the Brick by Brick Project

The Hampton Wick: Brick by Brick project traces the development of the roads and buildings of Hampton Wick from 1750 to the present day. The outputs of the research have been used to create three books alongside this dedicated website. Together they provide a complete catalogue and history of all 650 residential buildings in the village - who owned the land? who built the houses? who has lived in them? how have the buildings been altered and extended over time? what else do we know about each property?

There are three books covering respectively the east, west and central roads within the village. All have now been published and are available to buy here. Each book has a common structure and, within the geographic area it covers, is self-contained. Included in each is a set of guided walks for every street in that area, illustrating and briefly describing the buildings to be seen on each side of the road. To complement these walks and provide more in-depth information on each residential property, this present section of the website contains 650 individual property webpages (arranged in the same sequence as the books) containing:

          •list of occupiers

          •links to the Census Returns

          •property names

          •an image of the property

          •links to any other information available on this property e.g. past Planning Applications, Estate Agent listings

To get started with this fascinating resource, click here to watch a short YouTube video showing how to use the site.

Three Books + an extensive website telling the story of the building - and buildings - of Hampton Wick