The Hampton Wick Association  -

The Hampton Wick Association (HWA) was formed in 1962 originally to oppose proposals to build a flyover from Kingston that would have demolished a large section of the village. Since that fight was won, the Association has gone on supporting the local community by maintaining a watch on local issues that may affect our environment, residents or local businesses.

The Teddington Society –

The Teddington Society was formed in 1973 by a group of local residents whose wish it was to preserve the character of the town and support local community projects. And this remains the aim of the Society today. The Society’s Planning Group have published a very useful wiki containing a Directory of Buildings of Townscape Merit in Teddington 

The Langdon Down Museum of Learning Disability -

For over 150 years, Normansfield has been a major presence in the village and continues to contribute a significant part to the local history of Hampton Wick. The newly-opened Langdon Down Museum of Learning Disability at Normansfield contributes to the public understanding of the work of Dr John Langdon Down, Normansfield and the Royal Earlswood Asylum though exhibitions and events.

The museum seeks to contribute to the public understanding of people with learning disabilities through events and educational activities. The museum will celebrate the achievements of people with learning disabilities and display the artifacts of James Henry Pullen.

The Twickenham Museum -

The Twickenham Museum Website reveals some of the history of Twickenham, Whitton, Teddington and the Hamptons. These villages, situated by the River Thames to the south-west of London, have a rich history going back thousands of years.This material is the "virtual reality" part of the museum, which is housed in a small building that can only display, or store, a fraction of our recorded history. Pages of particular local interest for Hampton Wick are

               Kingston Bridge First wooden bridge connecting Kingston with Hampton Wick

               R D Blackmore Author, Hampton Wick resident and later market gardener of Teddington

               Timothy Bennet Shoemaker cordwainer

               Strawberry Hill Station Why was it built?

               Edward Lapidge Architect and bridge designer

               Sir Richard Steele Man of letters and dramatist

               The Relief of Mafeking Twickenham celebrates early

               Bushy Park A Playground for the People

               Sir John Fitz

               R C Sherriff Playright

Borough of Twickenham Local History Society -

The Society, which is in its 50th year, runs a programme of monthly talks from October to May each year. The website has some excellent pages on local history and a comprehensive list of local publications.

Richmond upon Thames Local Studies Collection -

The Local Studies Collection is based at the Old Town Hall, Richmond and provides access to material relating to the history of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It contains the collections previously held by the former boroughs of Barnes, Richmond and Twickenham.

The Hampton

The Society is a group of local residents who have been independently representing the people of Hampton for over 50 years. Their aims are to preserve and enhance the area’s beauty and interest and to encourage a strong sense of community by sharing information and arranging interesting talks and events throughout the year.

The Kingston upon Thames Society -

The Kingston upon Thames Society, founded in 1962 and affiliated to the Civic Trust, is Kingston's major voluntary and independent organisation concerned with planning and conservation.