Hampton Wick: Brick by Brick Series

Hampton Wick lies in a strategic position on the River Thames. For five hundred years its bridge was the only fixed crossing between London and Staines. Its connections with the ancient town of Kingston on the opposite bank and the presence of the nearby Royal Palace of Hampton Court brought prosperity and the village grew from a hamlet of around 500 souls in 1750 to a peak of 3,400 in 1951. 

    Hampton Wick: Brick by Brick is a set of three books which explore this fascinating period of rapid urban development, each covering different areas of the village and is in two distinct parts: 

          • The first section recounts the history of the building of the village: who owned the land? who built the roads and houses? who lived in them? how have the buildings been altered and extended over time? 

          • The second section focuses on today's Hampton Wick and provides a set of walking guides to encourage readers to explore for themselves the wealth of interest in the more than six hundred buildings that now form the village. 

Volume 1 - East

Lower Teddington Road and environs

Volume 2 - West

Park Road and environs

Volume 3 - Central

High Street to

Hampton Court


The High Street Traders of Hampton Wick

A fascinating study of Hampton Wick High Street which, although less than 400 metres long, has been host to more than seventy shops and pubs. In this comprehensive review of the period from 1826 to the current day, the author has traced every establishment, listing the shop-keepers and their trades and providing a series of reminiscences and anecdotes extracted from several sets of local memoirs as well as the more than twenty five interviews he has conducted during his research. Illustrated with over 500 photographs, maps and contemporary adverts.

178 pp (150 x 230 mm) perfect bound black and white £9.99


150 Years of Hampton Wick on the Railway

On 1 July Hampton Wick 2013 celebrated 150 years of being connected to Britain’s railway network. Opened by the London and South Western Railway in 1863, the line between Twickenham and Kingston filled a gap in the company’s network and shaped the history of many of the towns and hamlets through which it passed; Hampton Wick was no exception.

16 pp (210 x 297 mm) Full Colour. Publication limited to 150 copies. £3.00


A Hampton Wick Timeline - from Domesday to Current Day

A collection of thirty-one images, postcards, maps and news-cuttings telling the illustrated story of this historic village in south west London. Each picture is provided with a caption that sets the historic context and collectively provide a brief but thorough history of Hampton Wick.

Available in two editions:

-standard 66pp (150 x 230 mm) perfect bound black and white £5.99

- de luxe 40pp (250 x 200 mm) perfect bound full colour £19.99

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Down The Drain

Based on the original Minute Books of the Local Government Boards backed up by contemporary reports in the Surrey Comet, this book tells the fascinating and highly varied stories of how four local communities - Hampton Wick, Teddington, Twickenham and Hampton - each finally created their own communal solution for sewage disposal.

150pp (148 x 210 mm) full colour

Published by Borough of Twickenham Local History Society

Winner of the London and Middlesex Archeological Society Publications Award 2017

An Essential Victorian in Hampton Wick

The Life and Times of Sir Thomas James Nelson

During the Victorian Era, Central Government increasingly devolved responsibility for local health and welfare as well as law and order to locally-elected secular bodies. This devolution pre-supposed that there were individuals who were willing and able to accept the local power and responsibility. Their existence was therefore crucial since the role they played was essential to the very operation of government in Victorian Britain.

This book tells the complete life story of one such Essential Victorian - Thomas James Nelson - whose 25 years of local public service from 1860 to 1885 had a significant impact on Hampton Wick and the surrounding area. We examine his origins and early life, trace the many successes of his professional career as Solicitor to the City of London before focussing on his local public career. Finally we reveal what little we know of his private life which makes up in its surprising interest and variety what may lack in depth of material.

86 pages

26 maps and illustrations

Price £7.50 + £1.00 pp