This book is based on the talk of the same name given by John Previte at a well-attended meeting of           The Friends of Bushy and Home Parks held in the Normansfield Theatre on 29 November 2019.

The introductory scene-setting walk along the length of today's Barge Walk includes a brief description of 19 specific points of interest along the way - each of which is illustrated. There follows a brief account of the historic origins of The Bargeway itself, together with an explanation of its close association with the Corporation of the City of London.

The narrative continues by retracing the route of the opening walk and providing detailed historic contexts for the (four) Kingston Bridges, the Coal Wharf and Kingston Bridge Boatyard, the Pleasure and Allotment Grounds, the Minima Sailing Club Dinghy Park and for the Gas Tunnel.

A  major focus of the research conducted for this book has been the history of the original four houses built on The Bargeway during the 18th century, together with their subsequent developments, conversions and replacements. This section also includes biographical information on many of the residents and is complemented by an Appendix giving a complete list of occupiers and dates.  

Finally the river itself - so often merely the observer of historic events - becomes the principal in the story of the significant freezes and floods which have occurred on this reach.  

110 pages

84 maps and illustrations

Price £7.50 + £1.00 pp